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REFINED the essential magazine for those who want to stay informed, strong individuals who value community, have refined tastes and combine boundless enthusiasm with seasoned wisdom.

REFINED by a lifetime of enriching experiences, they want powerful facts, positive inspiration and sensible advice to enhance and enrich the lives they live now.

We have distilled a wealth of information for them. We have refined it.

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Refined was created to be a tool, a guidebook, and a valued reference for everyone’s home library.

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Our commitment is to speak to our readers in a way that is simple, useful, pleasing and positive.

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We offer comprehensive case management service and elder care planning strategies.

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Our philosophy is not only to create a beautiful and interesting magazine, but also to provide our readers with information that is relevant to their daily lives. REFINED’s objective is to speak to our readers in a way that is simple, useful, pleasing and positive.


REFINED’s insightful Community section explores the intersection of local, national, global issues and even those at your front door. It celebrates the value and ideals that weave us together.

People boldly embracing life their own terms are featured in our Life section. Vibrant, informative pieces will inspire you to achieve better physical, mental and spiritual health.

Our style section will bring the REFINED reader the latest in fashion, design, architecture and technology.

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Friendship that insists upon agreement on all matters is not worth the name. Friendship to be real must ever sustain the weight of honest differences, however sharp they be. – Gandhi

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Be sexy, Live Fit, Live Long

You are not by yourself if you are looking for ways to maintain your parents or grandparents to be strong and healthy. It is expressively strenuous to assume the duties of a caregiver.

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Tips on Traveling with Grandparents

Travelling is considered as among the best thing to do. There are numbers of individuals that are aiming to explore the world while young and physically healthy.

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